Has your organization experienced any of the following “demonstrating Value” statements from management regarding the training, development and HR functions?

Organizations are implementing various performance assessment, analysis, and measurement processes so that they can identify the most critical performance improvement needs and monitor the business impacts of implementing solutions.  ICPI’s results-based Performance Analysis and Measurement Process™ is one of the most effective ways to increase the success of any performance intervention by linking needs to business measures and doing so in terms that senior management will understand and support.

Generally, there is a misconception that training and performance improvement efforts are “fluff” or “too soft to measure”.  Our process will address all these issues in the planning of the measurement effort.  During this phase we help our clients determine whether the results of any implementation are going to provide or be linked to tangible (hard data) or intangible (soft data) measures, based on the need that is being addressed.  We provide you with the process and tool set to ensure fact based measurement will happen so that everyone understands the expected outcomes of any training or performance improvement effort!  

ICPI's comprehensive Performance Measurement and Evaluation process will help you:

  • Identify and evaluate the current performance gaps between strategies, people, behaviors and processes.

  • Provide the tools for management in order for them to assess what projects should be undertaken by forecasting improvements of performance and specific outcomes related to the initiatives.

  • Determine what key performance and business needs need to be addressed that will achieve the highest level of results.

    Simplify the analysis and measurement processes that are the most effective and least costly.

  • Measure the impact of your training and performance improvement programs to help you to understand how the changes influence the organization's key business measures. In addition, the Business Impact and Return on Investment (ROI) measures will allow you to see results clear to the bottom line.

  • Utilize strategies to anticipate and isolate the effects of the business impact of the project versus the influence of other factors.

  • Have the capability to convert certain measures into monetary values, while identifying the intangible benefits in a credible way.

  • Deliver and Report all measurement components through a web enabled measurement and evaluation system (end of course or project evaluations, learning acquisition surveys, application of program components on the job, business impact, action plans, and ROI).

  • Create a real-time measurement and evaluation Dashboard to track all your training programs delivery and content in one simple place.

You will value the systematic methodology ICPI uses to conduct meaningful analysis, measurement, and evaluation. Our evaluation and measurement approach will ensure you have the right programs, for the right people, at the right time, yielding the greatest impact.

All ICPI processes are now available as fully web enabled support tools that can be added on to your current HR systems!

For more information on ICPI’s Analysis and Measurement  Processes please contact us at info@icpiconsulting.com