ICPI's Employee Engagement Practice


What is Employee Engagement?

At ICPI we have defined Employee Engagement as:

Employee Engagement is evidenced by:
  1. Your people are positively talking about the organization, team, and their colleagues internally and externally - employees are feeling a sense of pride to work for the organization or be a part of the team.

  2. You keep your employees - Retention is high! Your employees are one of your best recruiters!

  3. Your employees’ exhibit performance or results minded behavior and effort to contribute to the success of the organization and team!


WARNING!!!   Many organizations ask "Why should we worry about Employee Engagement, we have other issues to deal with?" The answer is simple! If you don’t, it will measurably cost your organization in Performance, Productivity, Turnover, Profitability, and Customer Satisfaction!

Recent Studies on Employee Engagement:

In a recent ICPI benchmarking research study the data by Gallup was confirmed when we asked over 1000 Senior Managers from 25 large international organizations about their perception of employee satisfaction, engagement, and effectiveness. The participants of this survey reported:

Satisfaction and Engagement Category

Average Responses

Extremely satisfied with their company as a place to work


Feel a sense of pride in working for their company


Plan to be with the company in a year


Feel a sense of motivation to help the organization achieve it’s goals


Is Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Worth Improving?

According to research by The Gallup Organization's Engaged Workers Index released in September 2012 they found that only 30 percent of US (only 13 percent worldwide) workers were engaged in their work, 54 percent were not engaged in there work, and 17 percent were actively disengaged which suggests that over 50-70% of the workforce in most companies are Not-Engaged or are Actively Disengaged. They come to work switched off, or actively working against their organization's success.

Gallup suggests that the cost of disengagement is costing organizations Billions of dollars!




Source: http://gmj.gallup.com

Not sure how to start? We can Help!

The ICPI Employee Engagement Practice follows a comprehensive four step process to develop strategies to improve employee engagement in the organization:

  1. Analyze where you are - In this part of the process we utilize several ICPI online standard instruments, customized instruments that specifically meet your organization's needs, and various analysis tools to help you analyze your employee's level of engagement, satisfaction, and overall effectiveness.

  2. Create the Road Map for getting where you want to be - Using the analysis data we begin the Strategic Performance Action Planning Process. Starting at the top of the organization and cascading action plans throughout the business units, departments, and teams to ensure a clear line of sight and direction for all members of the organization to work toward improving engagement.

  3. Build Project Execution Framework - Create the conditions for success and to create a work environment where all employees can perform at their best, and willingly be accountable for their results. The execution step includes: A) Implement the Strategic Performance Action plans for the organization and teams. B) Remove barriers or roadblocks that are inhibiting successful performance. C) Work and adapt the plan as necessary.
  4. Measure the Success - Implement a employee satisfaction, engagement, and performance measurement tracking system or scorecard to constantly understand the pulse of your organization and success with project's performance goals. We will help your develop and measure the Business Impact and Return on Investment metrics to determine your success with improving employee satisfaction, engagement and effectiveness.

All ICPI processes are now available as fully web enabled support tools that can be added on to your current HR systems!

For more information on ICPI's Employee Engagement Practice please contact us at info@icpiconsulting.com