ICPI Assessments and Surveys


Create Line-of-sight of the most important performance improvement needs!  ICPI takes the guesswork out of identifying your challenges, gathering current and valid data that identifies the underlying issues that stand in your way of achieving your greatest performance.   We will help you create that line-of-sight between perceptions and the most pressing performance needs!

 All ICPI assessments can be administered as standard instruments or fully customized to uncover more complex issues and needs. The instruments can be administered and reported through our web-based platform or using paper-based methods when applicable.


Competency and Skills Assessments

ICPI completely web enabled competency and skills assessments can identify the strengths, relevant skill gaps, and performance needs for the individual assessed as well as provide aggregate organizational data for employee development, training, and performance improvement.  Competency/skills assessments will help you ensure focus on strategic competencies and the critically determined skill gaps identified, strategic priorities, and local needs.  In addition, employee development dollars are spent wisely, on programs and development experiences are targeted to address the critical skills and behaviors gaps.

Our competency/skills assessments are available as self and multi-rater (360) instruments to assess individuals at all levels throughout the organization. 

A competency and skills assessment is critical in providing the necessary data to the organization to make employee development decisions.  ICPI ensures three primary components are assessed and reported to make these informed decisions about development priorities.

  1. The first step is to identify the relative importance of the competency and corresponding behaviors to the role of a particular function.  This is part of the assessment process where participants and respective managers identify how important the competency (level of proficiency) is to success in the function/role.

  2. The next step is to identify performance gaps between current versus expected levels of performance of a Job/Function in specific, behaviorally observable terms.  This is where participants and respective managers rate and contrast the current level of performance versus the expected level of performance for each competency. 
  3. The final step is to identify the development needed to ensure performance of the Job/Function meets expectations.  This step is critical to evaluating whether the performance gap (the difference between current versus expected performance) is caused by inadequate development or has some other cause.


Do you have current competency/skills models you want to use?  We can easily adapt them into our fully web enabled assessment and reporting system.  

Team Effectiveness Assessment™ (TEA)

Teams are the critical performance element in all organizations. ICPI’s comprehensive online Team Effectiveness Assessment evaluates the following attributes: mission, values, strategy; competitive positioning; organizational structure and systems; information/communication systems; teamwork and support systems; leadership; talent management; individual jobs; general satisfaction; and demographics.  This assessment is part of the TeamEffective Process with online Performance Based Action Planning and includes the use of the comprehensive data reporting and dashboard. 


Organizational Effectiveness Assessment™ (OEA)

ICPI’s comprehensive online Organizational Assessment evaluates the following aspects:  mission, values, strategy; competitive positioning; organizational structure and systems; information/communication systems; teamwork and support systems; leadership; talent management; individual jobs; general satisfaction; all sorted by demographics you establish.

Strategic Alignment Survey™ (SAS)

Organizations focus on their strategic objectives and sometimes forget that employees don’t always know or understand the bigger picture.   Employees must be aligned in order to perform at high level.  The SAS will identify the gaps in alignment for the organization.  The SAS™ measures four key areas that impact employee alignment and commitment.  It measures employee behavior, trust, values, and alignment with organization’s purpose, values, vision goals, procedures and roles. 


Other Assessments


Other assessments that are available to provide feedback to individual members of a team or organization are:  Team Profile, Listening Profiles, Time Mastery Profile, Diversity Profile, Work Expectations Profile, Stress Profile, and the Leadership Profile.


ICPI’s instruments assess current performance and upcoming needs and opportunities.  ICPI completes the assessment, analyzes the data and presents the findings to you.  Next ICPI works with you to establish priorities and implement results-based solutions that will have the greatest impact on improving performance through our comprehensive online action planning process.


For more information on ICPI Assessments please contact us at info@icpiconsulting.com