What is Strategic Performance and Succession Management?

"It is a deliberate and systematic effort by an organization to ensure skill and performance continuity in key positions.  It is to retain, develop, engage, and encourage individual performance and enhancement of our intellectual and knowledge capital."

- Patrick Whalen, Ph.D. - ICPI's Senior Director of Global Consulting


The ICPI Strategic Succession Planning and Management Process - We can help you with every stage of the process or teach you how to manage each component yourself.

    • Profile your critical positions
    • Identify core, leadership, and technical competencies for positions
    • Create and validate job profiles for critical positions
    • Collect succession candidate data
    • Candidates complete Skill and Preferences Inventory
    • Competency assessments are developed
    • Annual performance and development data are reviewed
    • Determine current and needed bench strength for critical positions
    • Develop selection matrix
    • Create selection matrix of critical positions
    • Identify skill gaps and create individual development plan
    • Review Candidate Data
  • Competency Assessments--what are the biggest skill gaps and how critical are they? What ratings were received by managers, peers, and subordinates?

  • Performance Ratings and Appraisals--how has the candidate performed in the past and what are current goals and objectives?

  • Skills & Preferences Inventory--what are the candidate’s career goals? How do the candidates preferences and needs match up with the job profile?

  • Style/Value Fit--how does the candidate measure up or fit the position? Do they have the competency, personality, desire, qualifications, experience, and/or company values to meet the needs of the position?

    • Continuously Review and Monitor Candidate's Readiness
      • Determine candidates’ readiness--are they ready to move into a specific role? One year? Two years? How can they be developed to be ready?
    • Repeat Cycle - Succession planning is a continuous process and the steps should be repeated at predetermined times or when business needs change.

Why does your organization need to implement Succession Planning and Management?

  • Foster a culture of performance throughout the organization
  • Enable individual career planning and growth
  • Ensure all critical positions are staffed with the best people
  • Identify and develop internal talent
  • Foster diversity advancement throughout the organization
  • Retain and motivate talented individuals
  • Provide increased opportunities for “high potential” employees

  • Enhance knowledge sharing and reduce "geographic isolation"

  • Assess strengths and development gasp of each function

  • Identify development needs to target necessary training, education and development

  • Increase the overall talent pool within the organization

  • Contributes to the implementation of the organization's strategic plans

  • Improve employee morale

  • Manage the effects of voluntary or accidental separation from the company

All ICPI processes are now available as fully web enabled support tools that can be added on to your current HR systems!

For more information on ICPI’s Performance and Succession Management Processes please contact us at info@icpiconsulting.com