With the ICPI competency based, integrated processes the organization will benefit from synergy and economy not available without such integration.  Our competency modeling process satisfies the following business needs:

  • A shared understanding between leaders/managers and employees about how to perform the work and what it takes to succeed to help increase the likelihood of higher retention rates, job satisfaction and the achievement of strategic goals.

  • A useful tool to make sure HR systems and resources facilitate and support the organization’s strategic objectives.

  • Communication to the workforce of the values of senior management and what people should focus on in their own performance. 

  • Assistance to organizations and their employees in adapting to change.  In our era of rapid change, the nature of people’s jobs often change and they are required to take on changing roles and responsibilities.

  • Competency models provide a tool for determining exactly what skills are required to meet the different needs of today and potential needs of the future.

All ICPI Competency Models are developed using a process comprised of the following elements: 

This process enables the creation of a clear “line of sight” from effective on-the-job behaviors back to the outcomes expected of the role or function to meet strategic objectives.

The human resource management processes founded on a behaviorally anchored competency model, solidly linked to organization strategy will:

ICPI's competency Modeling Process influences and supports each of these HR processes
  • Provide a distinct advantage in attracting and retaining leaders and employees by creating “focus” on the behavior and skills necessary to fully perform a certain role. 

  • Contribute directly to the achievement of strategic objectives by linking competency based job roles to your team’s strategy.

  • Minimize expenditure of time and resources on non-strategic activities and development.

  • Provide a framework and focused direction for individual employee growth and development.

  • Improve retention of successful leaders and top performing employees by allowing individuals to be involved in their personal development for current or future roles.

  • Improve success in attracting and hiring “best-fit” new recruits and key talent in a competitive marketplace through behaviorally anchored job competency profiles that promotes performance or behaviorally based hiring practices.

  • Create alignment of the employee behaviors and performance with strategies (a result of persistence in linking competency models to strategic organizational values and objectives).

  • Provide accurate methods for developing, measuring, and rewarding the strategic contribution of each employee.

All ICPI processes are now available as fully web enabled support tools that can be added on to your current HR systems!

For more information on ICPI’s Competency Modeling Processes please contact us at info@icpiconsulting.com