Selection and Retention of Employees

To meet legal and ethical hiring and promotion standards, the organization should develop a database of appropriate interview and selection tools and criteria that are directly linked to the competency profiles for each job in the organization.

Employee retention is clearly affected by the quality of selection processes. And, once an employee is on board, other HR processes also have a significant impact on how well the organization retains its best people. Here are a couple of examples:

Performance Management: If employees are enabled to set goals in alignment with the organization’s strategy and are provided with tools and management support that enable them to succeed, they will feel as though they are truly contributing and that their contribution is valuable. This satisfaction leads to a desire to stay and continue their success.

Career Management: If logical career paths are in place (facilitated by linking competency-enhanced position descriptions and job profiles) and employees can see their way to challenging and interesting jobs – and if the organization provides them with developmental resources to help them prepare, then they will be more likely to stay. The best employees will manage their own careers and if they cannot see a path to a challenging, interesting position within the organization, they will find it on their own – somewhere else.

Training, Development, and Certification: The best employees understand that in a changing economy/business environment, they must maintain their employ-ability by constantly learning and updating their skills. An organization that provides excellent training and development resources is very attractive to proactive, high-performing employees.


ICPI will help you with developing:

  • Competency-focused position descriptions and job postings
  • On-line questionnaires/assessment tools
  • Standardized, performance/behavior-based interview guides for each functional role
  • Other competency-based selection tools such as interview scripts and evaluation tools
  • Integration of selection processes with other retention processes and strategies

All ICPI processes are now available as fully web enabled support tools that can be added on to your current HR systems!

For more information on ICPI’s Selection and Retention Processes please contact us at info@icpiconsulting.com