Want to improve your team’s performance?
Want to develop your employee satisfaction and improve performance?

TeamEffective™ will help you determine:

How to improve sales, production, customer service and/or effectiveness of various teams.

Whether your employees are engaged and committed to success.

If there is a clear vision between goals and performance expectations.

Which performance improvement actions need to be taken urgently.

What performance actions will yield the greatest business results.

TeamEffective™ a self-administered full scale online assessment and performance action planning process for organizations to identify and act on the gaps between functional strategy, people, behaviors, and processes. It is a process that is ideal for every department or team (sales and marketing, production, finance, customer service, manufacturing, administration, human resources etc.). This process works great for existing teams that want to improve current performance and business impact.  It is also perfect for newly formed teams to get a head start on actions that will prove to be most important to meet expected performance. Teams in the process of change rapid performance improvements can be achieved by enabling them to maintain focus and work on the most important actions during the critical transition phase.


The benefits of TeamEffective™:

  • Implement a continual assessment process that will provide teams and team members with feedback on key issues and action steps needed to become more effective as a team or unit.

  • Implement an automated system that will easily capture and record aggregate data among teams and teams across the organization.
  • Use a combination of instant access statistical reports and real time organizational and team specific dashboard that will allow for more thorough prioritization of performance actions.


    Remove barriers to effective performance so that goals can be accomplished.

  • Utilize the online performance action planning process to develop, manage, and track action plans of teams and team members.

  • Measure and monitor performance improvement efforts by capturing, analyzing, and reporting data through a comprehensive scorecard

  • Performance improvement activities are prioritized, saving lost time and energy and creating an earlier impact to bottom line results.

  • Develop and improve the team’s overall Effectiveness Quotient (a calculated formula and benchmark target derived from the scores on the 8 critical performance factors of high performing teams).

  • Improve employee morale, satisfaction, and ability to contribute to effective team performance, improve employee engagement, attendance, and retention.

  • Focus on the things that have the highest priority and achieve greater business impact and ROI.

ICPI is Managing Partner for TeamEffective developed through a partnership between The International Center for Performance Improvement Corp. and OP Group Ltd.

For more information on TeamEffective Practice please contact us at info@icpiconsulting.com or visit www.teameffective.com